Thank you for this opportunity!
Thanks, Cognitive Behavioural Education for providing our staff with the opportunity to take part in your online trauma modules. Content and resources were extremely valuable and provided us with more confidence when dealing with students who have been affected by trauma. The way the course is broken up into age groups/stages is great and made it even more relevant for staff.

Melissa Cotterill (Learning & Support Coordinator)
Narara PS

Thank you to the team from Cognitive Behavior Education for delivering the professional learning module “Trauma Informed Education: A Lens Into the Classroom”.

The session provided the staff at my school with an introduction to  the impact trauma can have on neuro development, and then gave valuable strategies to support students who have been impacted by trauma. I am very grateful to Shanna for adapting the delivery of the module, so the session could  go ahead during COVID -19 restrictions. 

Feedback from the staff was very positive, everyone walked away feeling like they had learnt strategies to support students and to ensure they are taking care of their own mental health and well being.

Juliet Sonter (Principal)
Plunkett St School, Forbes Street, Woolloomooloo

‘Trauma-Informed Education- a lens into the classroom’, was an informative, practical and useful course. It consists of 10 hours of online learning specific to the stage you are teaching (including preschool). The course was easy to follow and provided staff with strategies and resources. Teachers were able to complete this at their own pace and implement strategies within their classroom as they progressed through the course.

Not only did the staff develop strategies to support students within their class, but this course also dedicated a module to how teachers can care for their personal wellbeing (which is often overlooked).

The program enhanced teacher capacity, knowledge and strategies to support their wellbeing, as well as strategies and resources to engage students in learning.

Rachael Bennett (Executive)
The Entrance Public School

Participating in the online Trauma modules has been great for my staff. Apart from the flexibility of being able to participate in professional learning at a time best suited to each teacher, the online nature has meant that my staff did not have to travel large distances to access professional learning. As a rural school, this is an important feature.

The course was very easy to follow. It was broken down into manageable chunks to ensure that teachers were able to achieve success. The supporting research articles and resources were very useful and I personally continue to use the grounding techniques in my job as a deputy principal, keeping the progressive muscle relaxation script nearby for dealing with some students when they arrive at my office agitated.

As a result of the training for the whole school, my staff have engaged in meaningful and constructive conversations in welfare meetings about specific students using the information and knowledge they have gained in this course. It has given them new insights about students who have experienced trauma and supported teachers by giving them tools in how to deal with the students. This has been essential for a consistent approach being used across the school when dealing with students.


Lee Hyland, Deputy Principal/Head Teacher Mathematics, Student Leadership Coordinator. Murrumburrah High School, Harden.