I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Shanna White and Cognitive Behavioural Education to run learning sessions for your team on trauma informed practice.

Despite the challenges provide by COVID-19 she was able to quickly switch and move to an online delivery environment no doubt supported by her deep subject matter knowledge, engaging delivery and teaching approach and her provision of workbook and supportive materials.

The session has help me and my team of policy makers and service designers think more deeply on the nature of trauma and it’s impact on organisations, services, communities and individuals and apply it to our work going ahead. An unexpected consequence is it’s help me as a leader of people in the day to day management and support of my team.

Sarah Hurcombe (Director, Human Centred Design)
Commissioning NSW

The experiences of trauma are difficult for any individual to navigate, let alone for a young child. As a caregiver, I have seen first-hand the impact of trauma and felt the need to be more informed in how to best support them.

The Trauma Informed Practice Skills course provides us caregivers the skills and knowledge required to recognise the struggle and guide the child through their turmoil towards a positive and productive future. Through the clear and engaging content of the ‘need to know’ information on trauma, I feel confident in my ability to help a child in the aftermath of their traumatic experience.

With the completion of this course, I have been provided with evidence-based, background knowledge on the nature of trauma and the behaviours to look for as warning signs. I know practical strategies to help the individual as well as preventative techniques for traumatic experiences into the future. The online delivery along with extensive support provided throughout this course allowed me to actively apply the content to real life practices while learning at my own pace.

If you want to be able to effectively provide children the guidance and support through experiences of trauma, take CBE’s course. The benefits stretch into every child’s future.

Ash Shelton
Psychology Student

The training was amazing! Some of the best PD I’ve done in a long time.

I took copious notes and it was so easy to operationalise it into my day to day.

Thanks very much!

Chloe Strickland
Phoenix Psychology

My colleagues and I recently attended the Trauma Informed Practice Skills for working with adults workshop. Shanna’s knowledge of this subject is impressive. She generously shared, not only the theoretical foundations underpinning her work, but also excellent practical information that we could readily apply in our own practice.

Shanna is very engaging and made what could be quite an emotionally taxing topic much more palatable thanks to her great sense of humour, her enthusiasm for the important work that she is delivering, and her own examples of trauma informed practice in action.

We came away from the workshop with newly acquired knowledge and inspiration to incorporate what we had learnt into our own work practice.

Alison Oyston
NDIS Appeals Coordinator / Advocate