Cognitive Behavioural Education is a Professional Learning Provider designed for all employees in the Education Industry. Our initial program aim to support educators to move towards being Trauma Informed Education – A Lens into the Classroom; providing accessible and functional resources for educators and institutions; and building an understanding of the needs of each child in the classroom.

Consultation can includes:

  • Trauma informed classroom strategies
  • Critical reflective practice
  • Individual intervention development
  • Behavioural support planning
  • Full Clinical Report and Mandatory Reporting

The programs are will be delivered in a completely online format and are accessible to educators in metropolitan, rural and regional areas. The delivery of these programs enables educators to access the courses at a time that is appropriate for the individual and can be completed outside business and school hours of operation.

Upon completion of the online training modules and confirmation of completion, the NESA accreditation procedures are completed by the Cognitive Behavioural Education office and feedback is then provided to both the individual educator and the institution in which they operate to streamline the service.

Developed from “Neurodevelopmental Theory”, “Trauma Theory” and “Systems Theory of Psychological Practice”, our programs give provide participants a thorough knowledge base of the impact of Trauma on the developing brain across the lifespan. We then provide opportunities and resources will be provided to build participant’s therapeutic skills by using engaging strategic tools to use both within and beyond the classroom. These are developed from psychological, behavioural and systemic models of pediatric care.

We provide programs to suit the professional learning requirements, initially, for the Proficient teachers with modules to be released in early 2020 for Highly Accomplished and Lead accreditation groups of educators. Once established in this area, we will expand our programs to support the accreditation needs of Lead Teachers and Principals.

Our programs will be designed with ongoing expansion and individualization to meet the specific cohort needs of the multiple educational groups represented. These will include; early childhood educators, school counselors, chaplains, special needs education, vocational education, primary, secondary and tertiary education.

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