CBE's Conception

Cognitive Behavioral Education

Shanna White (Registered Psychologist) and Fiona Foley (Educator) share a passion for supporting people impacted by trauma, especially children. So it was inevitable that they would come together to share their goals and wishes for a future where more professionals in their field were armed with the tools they needed to support as many children and adults affected by trauma as possible.

One day over lunch in a quaint café in Wollongong – Shanna and Fiona had a discussion about the needs of educators and professionals in their industries. They had both had requests to provide training to and to support people in their individual professions to address the needs of people who provide direct care and services to those who experience trauma.

On that fateful day – after some initial discussions – Shanna and Fiona decided to combine their experience of nearly 50 years, pool their knowledge and resources and with some bootstrapping, created Trauma Informed Education online training and workshops – Cognitive Behavioural Education was born.

Their mission was to empower everyone who provides support to people, especially children, who experience trauma to understand the impacts of trauma, how to recognise it, develop a trauma toolkit to provide support and to have the skills to keep themselves psychologically safe to continue to provide support into the future. This remains their biggest mission today and into the future.

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