Ending the cycle of trauma through
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Cognitive Behavioural Education

Connect Theory, Interventions and Resources for Educators, Corporations, Businesses & Allied Health.

Professional Development Training in Trauma Informed Practice Delivered in Online Modules and in Face-to-Face Workshops.

Cognitive Behavioural Education

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Trauma Informed Practices Workshops for Corporations, Allied Health, Community Services & Social Workers.
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Psychologist Shanna White and Educator Fiona Foley Cognitive Behavioural Education.

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Network CBE

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Consultancies for professional development forums for all educators, businesses and corporations, allied health, community services and social workers in the workplace.

At this time we are unable to confirm that this Professional Learning will count towards NESA accredited hours for teachers, as the Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning has announced that the Accreditation of Professional Development Courses Policy will replace the existing Endorsement of Professional Development Providers and Courses Policy. 

Further information about NESA accredited courses and procedures will be made available by NESA 24th December 2020. Once we receive further guidance on NESA Accredited courses we will be able to confirm the status of courses moving forward.