Ending the cycle of trauma through
education and empowerment

Cognitive Behavioural Education

Connecting Theory, Behaviour, Interventions and Resources for Educators Corporations, Businesses & Allied Health 

Trauma Informed Education – ‘A Lens into the Classroom’ professional learning modules  build teachers’ resources & strategies to assist students reach their learning potential.

Cognitive Behavioural Education offers workplace specific workshops and online modules for Corporate/ Health and Well being focus – helping break the cycle of trauma with a powerful narrative which allows everyone to thrive.

“Trauma is a physiologically distressing event that is outside the range of usual human experience, often involving a sense of intense fear, terror or hopelessness.”
Dr Bruce Perry

CBE’s Online Education Courses

Trauma experienced by children has an on-going impact in the classroom, the playground and at home. Connections, empathy, learning and relationships are impeded.

Cognitive Behavioural Education’s professional learning modules offer teachers a trauma informed lens into the classroom. These module empower teachers to develop strategies and resources to support the emotional, cognitive and psychological development of students.

Facilitating teachers to assist students to understand and control their anger and impulses, and maintain their attention and connection to educational outcomes helps build student capacity to engage productively in their education.


Cognitive Behavioural Education

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Trauma Informed Practices Workshops for Corporations, Allied Health, Community Services & Social Workers.
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Courses for teachers in Early Childhood Teacher [Pre K],
Early Stage 1, Stages 2&3, Stages 4&5 and Stage 6.


Upcoming Workshops
Psychologist Shanna White and Educator Fiona Foley Cognitive Behavioural Education.


Consultancies for professional development forums for all educators, businesses and corporations, allied health, community services and social workers in the workplace.